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What happens when you take several hundred young people, cram them all into a venue, and add some of the best hip-hop and dance music Colorado has to offer? Answer: You get the epic concert that was 3OH!3 at their stop in Buffalo, NY.

The twosome white-boy rap/rock duo fronted by Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte, certainly have released material worth talking about as they have mixed up elements of crunk, punk, electronica, and even emo, making for an energy overload giving new life to the hip-hop/techno/electronica scene that break the genre barrier. And what shall we name this new genre you may ask? Greatness

So what’s so great about them? 3OH!3 has managed to break out of the mainstream music genre to create a mash-up of two very popular genres in our time. Their playful lyrics poke fun at Helen Keller (in the song “Don’t Trust Me”) and even their inability to say the word “love” (“Starstrukk”). Sometimes being random is a good thing, and for those that are looking for music that’s simple and catchy

The show got off to a rocky start when both MC’s fumbled to the lyrics of the opening song, Foreman quickly remarked that the bad start was due to a steak sandwich he had gotten from local eatery Jim’s Steakout,  stating that he wished he had taken a bathroom break before the start of the show, but turned things around when the guys launched into hit song “Richman.”

 These guys don't do small, and they don't do subtle. The band never once wavered during their set - throwing limitless amounts of energy into each song and bouncing about the stage as though was a big trampoline while constantly encouraging audience chants and sing alongs. Their Fans are devoted, and the 3OH!3’s love for them is visibly reciprocated in their intoxicating, club-thumping show. The 3OH!3 have built an empire on ten fingers. With the crowd bringing your thumbs and index fingers together to form an “O” shape, and spreading the middle, ring, and pinky fingers apart flashing the 3OH!3. The show came to a halt when Motte stated that he was too hot and tired to do an encore and Foreman brought up the problems he was having with Jim’s Steakout before announcing he does not want his comments to effect his product placement check.

All in all, 3OH!3 has caught people’s attention, and will only gain popularity, after seeing their intense live show, I must say that it was one of the most enjoyable concerts I have ever attended. Try to catch the duo next time they play a show in your area.
It was a packed house and everybody had their "fangs up" for Cobra Starship's stop in Buffalo, NY. The minute Gabe Saporta and his Cobra band mates jumped on stage, it was clear they were the evening’s superstars

For those of you unaware of Cobra Starship they are signed to Decaydance, the label formed by Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz but have made a name for themselves with the anthem "Bring It" from the 2006 film "Snakes on a Plane," and such hits as the poppy “Guilty Pleasure”  the Latin-flavored “Smile for the Paparazzi” and crowd favorite “Good Girls Go Bad”

Saporta moved around the stage with the cocky swagger or a true rock star through a set full of songs filled with sing-along choruses that brought the crowd to roar throughout the night. Saporta took real pleasure in engaging the audience in the tightly packed club rambling between songs about everything from the formation of the band to the t-shirt he was wearing, which was nothing but amusing and the crowd nonetheless ate it up like a food-court lunch. The crowd interaction was through the roof with a night full of anthem chants and a raging audience  putting their “ fangs up” Formed by "placing two bent fingers of your right hand in front of the open palm of the left hand".
 The band took a time out to wish drum tech Bryan Newman a happy birthday letting out a slew of balloons from the venue’s rafters leading into an impromptu game of volleyball throughout the crowd. There was quite a bit of back and fourth from Sparta and Keytar player Victoria Asher. Sparta later announced he was just trying to see how much he could get away with  due to the fact Asher had recently broken her leg. Asher informed the crowd she had sent out a roadie to purchase a bedazzler to get her cast ready for the show.

With true showmanship the band rocked through their set list of dance floor anthems leaving, as far as pop punk goes, one hard act to follow. Cobra Starship delivered with all their zest and vigor a dance party that had the audience moving from the first note to a lingering guitar buzz at the end of their last song. Leaving this show, they are my new guilty pleasure by far being one of the most entertaining acts I’ve seen in a long time.
Designed and built for kids and grown kids-at-heart, the Cyco Cycle is a sturdy and rugged trike-unicycle hybrid the whole family can enjoy. There are no handlebars, so you steer with your legs, but it's incredibly sturdy and tough enough for rough riding. With front and rear quick-grab handles and a cantilevered adjustable unicycle-style seat, the Cyco cycle offers steady, even balance on all three wheels.The multi-tread design makes for secure traction on any surface, including pavement, grass, and dirt. The rear step bar features grip tape and a non-slip surface so riders can give a friend a lift.

It's also incredibly mobile--the Cyco Cycle has a 20-inch folding steel frame with locking quick-release catch that fits in the trunk or back seat, closet or under the bed so you can take it, or store it, just about anywhere.

The Cyco-Cycle combines an entertaining, fun ride with adventure and creativity. The Cyco Hands-Free Cycle is built on three wheels, allowing the rider to experiment with a wide array of exhilarating stunts. It comes in a bright yellow shade that contrasts well with the black BMX-style pneumatic tires. Equipped with an adjustable unicycle seat, the direct drive bicycle is fun to ride and easy to handle

Proof got its start in a garage in Eagle, Idaho in 2010. The founders, 3 brothers, grew Proof to an internationally known brand that is loved the world over. The roots of Proof begin with the founders’ Grandpa Bud. He opened his small sawmill almost 60 years ago. Despite setbacks, Bud’s small business was able to prosper with a lot of hard work and tenacity; he eventually grew that small sawmill into a nationally recognized company. Bud’s work ethic was instilled in Proof’s founders, they grew up with “sawdust in their veins” working with wood in the mill. They pride themselves on providing original products that are handcrafted from sustainable materials. Proof Eyewear continues to innovate providing a wide variety of products that aren’t just environmentally friendly, but unique and original. Proof-Crafted from the Ground Up.


  • Made for iPhone and Android : access to its sensors from anywhere, at any time.
  • Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, indoor CO2 concentration and Sound Meter
  • Real time Notifications & Graphs for data history (record frequency: every 5 min.)
  • Connect multiple Stations to your smartphone and multiple smartphone to a Station.
  • Lifetime free personal account for your data.
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