Derek (Dylan) Smith (born March 10, 1987), better known by his stage name Mod Sun, is an American hip hop (hippy hop) recording artist from Bloomington, Minnesota.

Smith was born on March 10, 1987 in Bloomington, Minnesota. According to Smith, his parents were "hippies". At a young age, his parents divorced, and Smith was raised between Bloomington with his mother and Long Beach, California with his father. Smith's music career initially started as a drummer in 2 hardcore bands called Scary Kids Scaring Kids and Four Letter Lie, however, he turned his interest to hip hop music.

MOVEMENT ON DREAMS. STAND UNDER NONE. “I think the suns comin’ out”, says 24 year old Dylan Smith. He is positive his positivity will bring him something positive. “The two things I base my life around and continue to stay passionate about are music and “the secret”. I know that thinking about what you want will bring you…..what you want. I know what I want and I know I’m going to get what I want. Once I figured that out there wasn’t much to be unhappy about. I’m not even kidding when i say….I’m always happy, and people really seem to notice that. Some literally tell me that I make them feel better just being around…there’s really not much better of a compliment than that. With my music I take that feeling and turn it into a sound. I know i could write “break up” songs, or “the worlds got me down” songs but I honestly don’t think about those things. I ONLY think happy thoughts…..and i can promise you, it works.” Dylan has been pursuing music at a serious level since age 14. “My first instrument was a Fender strat my dad got me for christmas when i was 9. I didn’t really know anything about music at that point so the guitar didn’t interest me much. I’m totally serious when i say this…..the band “HANSON” gets full credit for getting me into music. I grew up with an older sister, and I just remember all her friends coming over and going crazy over these dudes. Zac Hanson (the drummer) seemed to get the most girls so naturally…i chose to play drums. From that moment on, all I wanted to do was play music and tour. I played in a bunch of bands growing up (the semester, sideline heroes…) and then joined “Four Letter Lie”. We were signed by the time I was 18 and did nothing but tour. I love drums but I always wanted to interact with the crowd more. While touring I started to freestyle, I’m a funny dude so making people laugh wasn’t ever a problem. I could go on forever just rhymin about whatever was in front of me. People started tellin me to record some tracks and the rest is history.”

MOD SUN released his first CD (a full-length) titled, “I’ll Buy Myself”, on January 31st 2009. It featured 11 songs, all of which were original beats made by MOD SUN himself. The songs were written and recorded over a 8 month span from May to December 2008. Every song was recorded in his bedroom and produced by him and only him. He did it all by himself…hence the name of the record.

“I downloaded some programs, bought a keyboard, bought a mic, and started to go at it. That was about four years ago now. Along the way i didn’t “create” my sound, I found my sound.” MOD SUN released his first free mixtape titled “Let Ya Teeth Show” in July 2009. It features 11 brilliant new songs including the heavily loved track, “No Girlfriend”. It’s got party-anthems, dreams-come-true songs, get high tracks, and really just captures that “the suns out!” vibe.

MOD SUN recently released his second free mix tape “How To Make A MOD SUN”. It includes 17 new original songs and remixes. H2MAMS paints the picture of his thoughts about growing up and teaches you the steps it took to get to where he currently stands today. Very well-written with get wordplay and punchlines, but doesn’t rely on either of those to get his point across. “I care about the first 3 letters of the word ‘artist’. I take my word very seriously.”

MODERN SUNSHINE CLOTHING. Modern Sunshine clothing is the merchandise for MOD SUN. Most of the designs feature quotes from MOD SUN songs. Others just look good.

Smith began touring nationally in 2004 at age 17 with his bands Scary Kids Scaring Kids and Four Letter Lie, in which he was a drummer in both bands. However, he eventually began to pursue a career in hip hop music in 2010 under the stage name "Mod Sun" which is actually an acronym standing for "Movement On Dreams, Stand Under None"

In 2011, Mod Sun was among those chosen to likely appear on the cover of Rolling Stone. That year, his music video "Same Way" reached over 350,000 views on YouTube.] Mod Sun also recieved the chance to perform on stage with Wu-Tang Clan, Breathe Carolina, and Chiodos.] He released a music video for his song "Windows Down" featuring Shwayze. Mod Sun released his widely popular mixtape Blazed By The Bell which featured singles "Shaun White" and "Tye Dye Everything" featuring Los Angeles-based rapper Schoolboy Q. Blaze By The Bell was hosted by DJ Ill Will and DJ Rock Star. The Ready Set and Nipsey Hussle also appeared on the mixtape.[

In 2012 Mod Sun released a music video for his song "Stoner Girl" featuring Pat Brown.

Mod Sun launched a nationwide tour on June 22, 2013 which is set to end on October 26

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