EOTO (play /ˈt/ EE-oh-toh) is an electronic band consisting of Michael Travis and Jason Hann.

The band's music is created live and without prerecorded loops.[1] The band formed in 2006 as a side project of The String Cheese Incident incorporating looper pedals, like Echoplex and the DJ program Ableton. According to one reviewer, the duo sets their live instruments free and take on a new electronic flavor.[2][3]

The band played their first show at Sonic Bloom in May 2006. [3] In 2008 they played over 200 live shows [1] and more than seven hundred shows in 48 different states during the five years since their founding. The band performs at Apple Stores to demonstrate how they produce their music in concert.

EOTO has released three studio albums. Each album is mixed and mastered from one live take including some pre-set sounds.[4] EOTO also record many of its live shows and makes them available to fans on the Internet.[5]

After experiencing dubstep at DJ Skream's set at Shambhala during the summer of 2008, they duo saw a change in their sound. Fire the Lazers!!!, their 2009 studio release, introduced a buzz-saw bass and heavier backbeat. Their music also incorporates sludge metal bass sounds and punk riffs.

EOTO originally stood for "End of Time Observatory",[6] with the members pronouncing it as E-O-T-O, soon letting it blur to EeOhToe. After some Japanese fans pointed out that the word means "good sound" in Japanese, the band has officially been the word EOTO instead of the acronym

EOTO's VJs include Peter Berdovsky, AKA Zebbler (Shpongletron, Zebbler Encanti Experience) and Ben Cantil, AKA Encanti (Zebbler Encanti Experience).[8][9][10] Zebbler uses the live bass and treble sounds during each show to trigger live visual events, included pre-made 3-D art, closed circuit cameras, and other visual effects
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